Career in NDA For Female | Eligibility Criteria, Benefits & Selection Process

In today’s time, there is no difference in terms of opportunities for males and females. Ago, in the field of defense, only male candidates were eligible, but now the time has changed, and now the daughters of this nation can also serve their own country.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has made an announcement that now female candidates can also participate in NDA exams, and they issued eligibility criteria for that. This is a very proud moment for every female in our country. So a career in NDA for female is now a dream come true for all the female candidates who want to serve their country.

When it comes to this profession, the parents of all female candidates were concerned or had questions, such as, “Is NDA the right career for their daughter or not?”, Is it safe or not?, Is NDA good for female candidates? and many more.

So, in order to dispel any doubts, we have discussed career in NDA for females in depth in this blog. But before starting it let’s have a look on what is NDA exam?

career in nda for female
Career in NDA for female

What is the NDA exam?

The full form of the NDA exam is National Defense Academy. This exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

The main purpose of the NDA exam is to recruit candidates for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and girls can now take this exam as well. As of 2021, a total of 5,75,856 candidates had taken the NDA exam, with 1,77,654 of them being female.

The NDA exam is typically taken in two stages.

(i) Written Test

(ii) SSB Interview

As we mentioned above, this exam is conducted by the UPSC, and the final list of candidates is also declared by the UPSC.

Candidates who clear the written test exam will qualify for the second stage, which is the SSB (Service Selection Board) interview round. In this round, the candidates were judged on the basis of their intelligence, and a personality test was also conducted. Following that, we will go over why NDA is a good career path for female candidates. 

Why is NDA a good career option for female candidates?

Earlier, only male candidates could appear for the NDA exam and serve the nation, but now the female candidates have also got the opportunity to appear in the exam and serve the nation, and the female candidates have finally gotten this opportunity after a long time, so they surely should grab this opportunity and give their contribution towards the nation.

In today’s scenario, the military is a great and exciting opportunity for female candidates. They get high-level salaries like doctors and engineers, but they also get perks like free medical care for themselves and their family members. Now, we will see the other opportunities for female candidates after the NDA.

Opportunity to obtain defence training

While preparing for the NDA, a candidate has a lot more things to learn. They got to know different techniques for learning.

After candidates get selected in the NDA exams, they have a chance to get advanced technical training at the Indian Defense Academy. Where they can learn a wide range of new skills such as,

  • Character Development
  • Leadership development
  • intellectual development, and many more.

Serve the country

This is the main reason why many candidates select defence as their career. It gives me great pride to serve the country that has given us so much. Every person in the country is attached to its roots, and serving the nation makes them more responsible and proud. 

Job Satisfaction

People give their lives to leave their lives and earn their bread and butter, but if anyone is happy with their job, it is the best feeling in the world. Defense is a career where one gets job satisfaction in many ways. The first is the opportunity to serve your country; another is good pay, and there are numerous other benefits that provide the candidate with job satisfaction. But this is not the end; beside it, there are many more reasons.

In the case of NDA, it has a very challenging atmosphere for candidates, career progress, good pay, and regular appreciation that provide candidates with satisfaction in doing this job.

There are also many difficulties that come with doing this job, but candidates get used to these challenges as time passes. 

Job security

Another benefit is that the candidate has job security. The NDA provides job security to its candidates, and they not only get job security but also many other perks. As an example, health benefits to the candidate and their whole family.

Abroad posting

If you are thinking that while serving the nation, you don’t have a chance to go outside of the country, then you are wrong. A career in defence also gives candidates the opportunity to work abroad. They were given these opportunities based on their experience and their posting.

Many officers get the opportunity to go on United Nations peacekeeping missions.

High Salary

We emphasise this point frequently: candidates in the defence industry earn competitive wages. They are compensated not only for their work but also for their training.

They also receive numerous benefits in addition to their salary. Nearly 61 types of facilities and allowances are provided to candidates who serve in the Indian Army.

So these are all the benefits that show why male and female candidates can both join the military and make it a career for themselves.

Now that we’ve learned everything there is to know about the NDA and the advantages of a military career, we can look at how to join the military after passing the NDA exam.

How to join NDA after the 12th? | How can a girl join NDA after 12th?

To join Defense academy a candidate have to fulfill the eligibility criteria of NDA. So first we see what is the eligibility criteria to join the NDA.

Firstly, a candidate have to clear the 12th exam with minimum 60% from recognise university. This criteria is same for both male and female. Only after it candidate can apply for NDA.

Candidates can apply for NDA through it’s website then they have to go for written test. If candidate got qualify for written test then after 5 days they got a chance to seat in SSB (Service Selection Board) interview. And where they have to gave various tests.

After completing all the tests candidates have to go for a 3 years of training period and don’t forget it is all paid.

After completing the 3 years of course they get a post of lieutenant in Indian Defence Services. For NDA exams every year UPSC do announcement. To make your career in NDA for females, you must have to first apply for the exam. The NDA form is divided into two parts.

In first step you have to do registration in which candidate have to fill up all the details, select the exam center and at the end pay the cost of the application form. While filling the form follow the instructions which are mentioned below:

  • Fill out all of the required information when registering for the NDA exam.
  • Check out the NDA eligibility for both men and women.
  • Choose the branches based on your preferences.
  • Generate the registration ID
  • Choose an exam location.
  • Make the application fee payment.
  • Upload your signature and photo.

You are now ready to take the NDA exam 1. However, in order to appear for the interview process, you must first pass the first exam. Put forth your best effort and dedication, and seek the advice of experts if you want to do well in the exam.

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