Twenty years ago, there were few conventional career options by which you could live a good and comfortable life and that career options included ‘Doctor’, ‘Engineer’ or ‘Architect’. These options are still relevant, but today the time is changed. 

In today’s era of the internet and globalisation, many career options are created in India, and the Covid situation boosts these career options. India is leading the world after digital transformation, contributing to the make-in-India movement.

Today’s generation is very confused about their future careers job. Some are very clear about their career and employment, but most students are confused about their choice of future work. For these students, money plays a vital role in choosing a career. Money is the primary motivation for this type of student, and there is nothing wrong with making money as motivation; in the end, money will matter.

This blog will show the Top 20 high demanding and high paying jobs in India. Though high paying salary depends upon several factors. These factors are…,

Factors that affect salary and compensation

1. Years of experience and educational level

Yes, experience and educational level decide the salary and compensation of the candidate because it is directly related to having good skills. More you work for a particular job you will be good with skills of it.

The same happens with educational level. Some of the significant position needs a good education which provides high paying jobs in India. For example, most C.E.O., C.T.O., and Manager positions are in the hand of M.B.A. Aspirants because of their excellent educational level they get this position.

2. Demand and supply

Though Indian people are searching for high paying jobs in India, a person’s salary also depends upon the market scenario. If the demand for a particular job is high, then the pay will also be high, but vice versa, if the need for a specific job is minor, the salary will also be less.

3. Location

The location also plays a vital role in salary and compensation. For example,

Below is a list of cities and their average salary compared to the nation’s average salary.

  • Pune has a 1.7% more average salary than the nation’s average salary.
  • Mumbai has a 5.9% more average salary than the nation’s average salary.
  • Chennai has a 9.5% more average salary than the nation’s average salary.
  • Gurgaon has a 21.9% more average salary than the nation’s average salary.
  • New Delhi has a 15.5% more average salary than the nation’s average salary.

Now we will see the list of high demanding and high paying jobs in India that are also relevant for the future.

List of Top 20 High demanding and high paying jobs in India.

1. Digital Marketing

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Robotics Engineering

4. Cyber security experts

5. Full-stack developer

6. Data Scientist

7. Human Resource Managers

8. Cloud engineers and Architects

9. Back-end developer

10. Psychologists

11. Engineer in Renewable sectors

12. Financial Planner

13. Event Manager

14. Interior Designer

15. Clinical Researcher

16. Dietician / Nutritionist

17. Physiotherapist

18. Drone Operator

19. Game development

20. Blockchain developer

List of Top 20 High demanding and High paying jobs in India in detail.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Job Description : The digital marketer must make and execute different strategies through all the digital channels and uses them to drive brand awareness and generate more leads for the company. A digital marketer’s roles and responsibilities involve overseeing and developing a company’s content strategy, including marketing campaigns.

Demand : According to LinkedIn, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is among the top 10 most demanding and high paying jobs in India, with 8,60,000 job openings.

Salary : A Digital Marketing Executive’s salary starts from 2 L.P.A. and goes up to 6 L.P.A. It increases with experience and skills. 

2. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence

Job Description : The Artificial Intelligence Engineer is an IT expert aiming to develop an algorithm capable of learning, analysing and predicting future events. In short, their role is to make machines like a human brain.

Demand : According to reports, By 2035, AI technologies will likely increase production by more than 40%. It will also boost the economic growth by an average of 1.7% across 16 Industries by 2035.

Salary : The average salary of an Artificial Engineer is 8 LPA, which goes up to 50 LPA, making Artificial Intelligence Engineer high paying jobs in India.

3. Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Job Description : The robotics engineers are responsible for designing prototypes, testing machines and mechanical frameworks, developing algorithms and building control systems.

Demand : India is one of the strongest growing tech economies among the Asian emerging market, rapidly moving towards automation. The Indian industrial robotics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.3 between 2019 and 2024, and this high demand will make these jobs as high paying jobs in India.

Salary : The salary of a Robotics Engineer starts from 1.8 LPA and goes up to 7.4 LPA.

4. Cyber security experts

Cyber security experts

Job Description : The job of Cyber security experts includes protecting software development. They work to ensure that networks are safe from external threats like hackers.

Demand : NASSCOM report shows that despite having the most prominent I.T. talent in the world, India is lacking in the field of Cyber Security professionals. So by this sentence, you can understand that the demand for this job is relatively higher. Still, the supply is less, which gives cyber security professionals high paying jobs in India.

Salary : The cyber security professional can earn a salary of 4.3 LPA to 25 L.P.A.

5. Full-stack developer

Full stack developer

Job Description : Full-stack developers are responsible for designing and developing websites and platforms. They have to work with the designing team to ensure the user interactions on web pages are engaging. They are also responsible for back-end operations.

Demand : Full-stack Development is a high demand job in India. It is an evergreen field. If you are interested in coding and software-related areas, then go for it. Full-stack development will give you good opportunities as it has a fewer competition and high demand.

Salary : A full-stack developer can get an excellent compensation of 2.5 LPA to 17 L.P.A. This is one of the high paying jobs in India.

6. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Job Description : Using different methods, Data scientists help an organisation solve complicated problems and make them accessible. That method combines computer science, modelling, statistics, analytics and math skills and business sense.

Demand : As per reports, India contributed 9.4% of global analytics job openings. Also, a recruitment service firm Michael Page India says that data science will create roughly 11.5 million jobs by 2026.

Salary : The salary of a data scientist starts from 4.5 L.P.A. and goes up to 25 L.P.A.

7. Human Resource Managers

Human Resource Managers

Job Description : The role of Human Resource Managers includes hiring, training and managing the employees. It is not limited to hiring and training but also the development of the employees. The Human Resource department focuses on achieving organisational’s goals by hiring the right people that fit the requirement of an organisation, and this makes the Human Resource Management career exciting.

Demand : Human Resources in India is expected to grow by 9.8 % next year, creating jobs for 1,00,000 qualified professionals.

Salary : The salary of Human Resource Managers starts with 3 L.P.A. and goes up to 18 L.P.A.

8. Cloud engineers

Cloud engineers

Job Description : Primary responsibility of cloud engineers, including developing and implementing policies for cloud services. They also establish secure cloud environments and ensure appropriate availability of services, known as uptime.

Demand : According to a recent NASSCO report titled ‘Cloud Skills: Powering India’s Digital D.N.A.’, India will need 20 lakh cloud professionals by 2025.

Salary : Cloud Engineer salary in India ranges from 3.0 L.P.A. to 13.4 L.P.A.

9. Back-end developer

Back end developer

Job Description : Back-end developers are responsible for creating and maintaining technology at the website’s back end (the server, database and application). 

Demand : In this Digital era, the requirement for Back-end developers is increasing daily, and it is included as high paying jobs in India.

Salary : The salary of a Back-end developer in India ranges between 2 L.P.A. to 20 L.P.A.

10. Psychologists


Job Description : Psychologists assess, diagnose and treat the psychological problems that arise from physical or mental health. They also play an essential role in promoting healthy behaviour by preventing disease through improving patients’ quality of life.

Demand : With an increasing incidence of stress in society and the breakdown of traditional family support systems, the need for professional psychologists is increasing daily. It is projected that from 2020-2030, the psychologist will increase by 8% each year.

Salary : Psychologists in India earn from 0.8 L.P.A. to 8 L.P.A. In the future, this field will be one of the best high paying jobs in India.

11. Renewable energy engineer

Renewable energy engineer

Job Description : Renewable energy engineering is an essential field whose role is to protect the planet by reducing global warming and building the different energy sources created by renewable sources.

Demand : A shift in the energy landscape is creating enormous opportunities for the future Energy engineer, and this today’s scenario, Renewable energy engineering always will be in demand.

Salary : The salary of a renewable energy engineer ranges between 4.5 LPA to 10 L.P.A. This career will most likely come into high paying jobs in India.

12. Financial Planner

Financial Planner

Job Description : The role of the Financial Planner is to help individuals reach their medium- and long-term goals.

Demand : Today’s generation in India is very ambitious towards investments, leading to Financial Planner’s careers being huge in demand.

Salary : Financial Planner in India earns between 2 L.P.A. to 10 L.P.A.

13. Event Manager

Event Manager

Job Description : Events play a big part in the success of any people, Brand and Organisation. The event manager plans and organises any promotional, business and social events. They are responsible for arranging a range of events and ensuring that the audience of the events is engaged.

Demand : In today’s time, the event plays a significant role in everybody’s life. That’s why event management is becoming a mainstream career option, and the demand for this career will increase daily.

Salary : The salary of an event manager in India ranges from 1.1 LPA to 10.2 LPA.

14. Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Job Description : Interior designers make spaces functional, beautiful and safe. They do it by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items like lighting, colours and materials.

Demand : According to a report conducted by CII, the number of designers in India was estimated at 36,387, of which 10.17 % were only interior designers. Also, according to a report by Brandongaille, Interior Design jobs are expected to see an estimated increase of 13% in the next decade.

Salary : An Interior Designer can get 4 L.P.A. starting, and it goes up to 30 L.P.A. as per experience, and it is making this job as high paying Jobs in India.

15. Clinical Researcher

Clinical Researcher

Job Description : Clinical trials and experiments involve studies on human participants in clinical research. Clinical researchers conduct this type of trial, by which they get an answer to specific questions about medicine and behaviour. At the end of trials, they get the data and use it to decide the safety and efficacy of drugs, such as vaccines etc. This field is very vast and demanding also.

Demand : Indian Clinical Trial market size is expected to reach 3.15 billion U.S. $ by 2025, and it will grow by 8.7 % of CAGR.

Salary : The salary for this job role ranges between 1.5 L.P.A. to 4.9 L.P.A.

16. Dietician/Nutritionist


Job Description : The primary job of a dietician is to promote better nutrition. By taking a good diet, a person can prevent specific diseases.

Demand : Dietician/Nutritionist is a high-demand career in India, and it is projected to grow 11 % from 2020 to 2030.

Salary : Dietician/Nutritionist in India earns between 0.3 L.P.A. to 4.2 L.P.A.

17. Physiotherapist


Job Description : Physiotherapist supports people to recover from injury, reduce pain, increase mobility, movement and stiffness and maximise function and quality of life.

Demand : There is only 5,000 qualified Physiotherapist in India; according to World Health Organisation (WHO), there should be one for every 10,000 citizens. So, there is a shortage of 95,000 qualified Physiotherapists in India.

Salary : The average wage for a physiotherapist in India is 3.6 L.P.A., which goes up to 8 L.P.A. and will also become a high paying jobs in India.

18. Drone Operator/Pilot


Job Description : A drone pilot controls a drone from take-off to a safe landing. Also, drone pilots conduct safety tests and oversee vehicle performance. They also operate cameras or other equipment the drone carries.

Demand : According to the Drone manufacturing hub, the Indian drone industry is expected to see a turnover of Rs 15,000 crore by 2026, creating a huge job market in India.

Salary : The average salary of a Drone Operator/pilot is 5 L.P.A. to 9 L.P.A. This job is one of the high paying jobs in India because it requires specific skills to fly a drone.

19. Game development

Game development

Job Description : The game developer takes the game designer’s ideas, rules and drawings and makes the designer’s concept into playable games by writing code.

Demand : In 2019, Gaming Industry was 14,000 crores, expected to grow by 62,000 crores in 2024. 

Salary : The Game Developer’s salary ranges from 5 L.P.A. to 12.5 L.P.A. in India, which makes it High paying jobs in India.

20. Blockchain developer

Blockchain developer

Job Description : The job of a blockchain developer is to create systems which enable secure digital transactions. Also, they store blockchain data in a way that saves from changes or hacks. Developers also design certain blockchain technologies, application features and interfaces.

Demand : The demand for Blockchain developers in India is Increasing. Today Blockchain is one of the fastest growing skill sets, with salaries for Blockchain Developers 50-100 % more than traditional developer salaries.

Salary : In India, blockchain developer earns between 2.2 L.P.A. to 20.9 L.P.A., and it will be high paying jobs in India in future.


At the end of this blog, I also want to add that you don’t need to do the job which are mentioned above or with a good salary. Beyond salary, many points are essential to deciding your career, like your talent, Interest, passion and many more. So

“follow your dreams; success will follow you”

Also, one last thing to mention here is that the above salary range is approx. salary; it might change depending on different parameters.

Thanks for reading this blog till the end 🙂

Your suggestions and feedback are welcome in the comment box.

FAQs :

What is the difference between front end developer and back end developer?

In simple terms, front-end development includes website development, which we can see. for example, Images, Videos, Texts, Navigation menus etc. On the other end, back-end development is part of the website users can not see and interact with. They work with the server, database and application.


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